eBay removes listing offering 'timber' from remains of Notre Dame

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Auction site eBay has removed a listing offering a "section of timber" purported to be from the remains of Notre Dame cathedral.

The company removed the advert, which included a generic photograph of a burning log, after it was asked by the Press Association whether such listings were acceptable.

Bidding began at 99p, with the listing for the section of timber including the message: "Grab a section of timber from the fire."

The site has also removed adverts for T-shirts bearing the slogan "Je Suis Notre Dame" under a policy against items which "profit from human tragedy or suffering".

T-shirts advertised as "Fire Remember Tops" were also deemed to have breached the company's disaster and human tragedy policy.

An eBay spokesman said: "eBay does not tolerate the sale of any item that seeks to profit from human suffering or tragedy and this listing has been removed."

The company's policy permits items related to natural disasters which have "substantial social, artistic, or political value" being listed.

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