eBay user attempts to sell 'genuine Cornish air'

A jar of 'genuine Cornish sea air' is up for grabs on eBay

Friday, May 10, 2019

A jar of ‘genuine Cornish sea air’ has been put up for auction on eBay by an opportunistic seller.

The bidding for the "brand-new, unused, unopened and undamaged" container of 'air' starts at £2.

Alex Miles who is selling the 'air' said: "I decided to sell the jar of air in order to bring the wonderfully clean and delicious air of the South West to those who may be unable to make the trip themselves.

"The very fact that it comes from Mounts Bay is what makes it special. Being located in a rural area ensures the product is cleaner than the vast majority of England."

Alex Miles is selling 'genuine cornish air' on eBay

The 22-year-old Cornwall resident added: "In today's day and age, considering air pollution and climate change, that's a valuable commodity."

The description of the unusual product reads: "Always collected at dawn from the jewel of Cornwall, Mounts Bay. Buy yours today and experience a whiff of the seaside!"

So far the jar of Cornish sea breeze has only gained two bidders with the auuction ending on May 15.

Mr Miles said: "Obviously, I'd be pleased if more people were interested in the product, but, each to their own."

He isn't the only person selling containers of Cornish air on the auction site, with another user selling an item listed as “real Cornish Fresh Oceanic Air bottled in the coastal heart of Cornwall".

Viki592’s product, which has received no bids, is a more expensive option, coming in at £4.99 for the 500ml bottle.

Potential buyers should be aware that there are no refunds available for either product, so unhappy customers will be unable to send their ‘air’ back.

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