Edward Robinson: 70-year-old pensioner who indecently assaulted 3-year-old girl jailed for 'appalling crimes'

Edward Robinson committed the rape and indecent assaults in the 1970s

Edward Robinson committed the rape and indecent assaults in the 1970s

Thursday, October 19, 2017

A 70-year-old man who raped, indecently and sexually assaulted three girls, the youngest just three years old at the time of the offence, will be spending the next 14 years in prison for his ‘inexcusable and appalling crimes.’ 

Edward Robinson, of Skellow in Doncaster, admitted to six counts of indecent assault against a child under 13, raping a child under 16 and sexually assaulting a child under 13.

The rape and indecent assaults were committed in the 1970s and the sexual assault in recent years, all taking place in Doncaster.

DC Richard Dickinson, investigating, said: “Robinson is a repulsive individual who fully deserves to be in prison for the sickening and vile sexual assaults he committed on three young girls.

“They have shown such bravery and courage coming forward to report his offending, and I want to praise them for their patience and understanding during the investigation.”

Robinson was arrested in May this year after information was passed to detectives in Doncaster’s Protecting Vulnerable Persons Unit and an investigation was launched.

When brought into custody and questioned, he only admitted to the six indecent assaults, however was still charged with all eight offences on Thursday, 11 May 2017 and remanded into custody.

He admitted to the sexual assault at a later court hearing and finally admitted to the rape a few days before it was set to go to trial.

He appeared at Sheffield Crown Court on Friday, October 13 where he was sentenced to 14 years in prison.

DC Dickinson continued: “Robinson eventually pleaded guilty to all of his inexcusable and appalling crimes, which I am thankful for as it has saved his victims the horrific ordeal of a trial and having to relive what he put them through.

“I hope they feel justice has been served now that Robinson is behind bars, and I would always encourage anyone who may have been a victim of a sexual offence to please report it to police.

“We will always thoroughly investigate and we are committed to bringing those who offend before the courts to be held accountable for their crimes.”