Election 2017: Lib Dem membership nears record level as Remainers and soft Brexiteers flock to party

Tim Farron says his is the only party capable of stopping hard Brexit

Tim Farron is basing his election strategy on opposition to a hard Brexit

Monday, April 24, 2017

A spokesman for the Liberal Democrats has told talkRADIO that party membership is nearing an all-time high as Britons opposed to a 'hard Brexit' flock to the party.

The spokesman said that 12,500 people have joined the party in just six days since Theresa May called her snap election.

They added that the party is now on the verge of passing 100,000 members, which was Tim Farron's target upon becoming leader, and is closing in on its all-time record of 101,000, set in the mid-1990s.

Farron has pitched the Lib Dems as the only party capable of stopping a hard Brexit and keeping Britain in the single market, a stance which appears to have caught the imagination of many people, particularly as Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has suggested he might be willing to accept Theresa May's plans.

However Labour's membership still dwarfs that of the Lib Dems, with Corbyn's party boasting over 500,000 affiliated supporters - even though thousands have left over recent months.

Britain goes to the polls on June 8, with the Lib Dems hoping to build on the nine seats they currently hold in Parliament.