Election 2017: Tories promise to protect EU migrants after Brexit

Election 2017: Tories promise to protect workers' rights

Labour say the party are 'taking people for fools'

Monday, May 15, 2017

The Conservative party is to unveil a manifesto containing a promise to protect workers' rights if it remains in power - with a key pledge regarding EU migrants.

Theresa May's party will vow to protect the rights of migrant workers from the EU as part of the Brexit process - after months of uncertainty over what will happen to the thousands of European nationals currently working in Britain.

This follows the promise, made in the letter from Theresa May to Brussels which formally triggered the Brexit process, to maintain all workers' rights guaranteed by EU law once the secession process is complete.

The workers' rights package would also commit May and the Tories to putting workers' representatives on the boards of companies, as well as protecting workers.

Those working in the so-called 'gig economy' would see their rights reinforced, while the minimum wage would be increased still further.

The Tories will also promise Britons the statutory right to grant a year's unpaid leave to care for any relatives. 

Labour have rubbished this package of proposals, howewver, saying the Tories are "taking people for fools", while the unions have said they will believe it when it appears.