Election 2017: UKIP candidate confronts Paul Nuttall and refuses to stand for party in general election

Thursday, May 11, 2017

A disgruntled UKIP councillor challenged Paul Nuttall during his interview with Paul Ross on Thursday. 

Antony Raymond Madge, who represents Stonydelph on Tamworth Borough Council, told listeners he had been proud to stand for UKIP in Tamworth until the results of the local council elections came in. 

UKIP lost a large amount of seats across the board, and the results deterred Madge from standing.

He posted this on facebook:

Madge made it clear there won't be a UKIP candidate in Tamworth, as far as he's aware.

He also claimed his work on the ground had shown him people think UKIP has "done its job" with the EU referendum result, and challenged the UKIP leader on why he hadn't taken the media to task to change this perception.

Nuttall tried to reassure him by admitting the election in June would be "difficult", but insisted "politics would come back" onto UKIP's turf.

He also vowed the party would be "bigger, have more members, and be higher in the polls than ever before."

Listen above.