'Election campaign hiatus is unfair on Jeremy Corbyn, says Jewish Chronicle editor

'We need to restart the election campaign to show we're bigger than the terror attack', says Jewish Chronicle

Vigils have been held for the victims of the attack

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The editor of the Jewish Chronicle has told talkRADIO that the current break in election campaigning is doing the British public a disservice, and is particularly unfair on Jeremy Corbyn.

Stephen Pollard called for a resumption in campaigning tomorrow (Thursday May 25),  to prove we're bigger than the terror attack and honour the dead.

The campaign was postponed yesterday due to the terror attack in Manchester which killed at least 22 people, and it is not clear when it will resume.

Pollard told Julia Hartley-Brewer that it was appropriate to call off campaigning both today and yesterday. However, he said, it's outrageous not to resume it tomorrow, so life can get back to normal and the terrorists don't destroy the pillars of our daily life.

Pollard added that, whilst he holds no torch for Jeremy Corbyn, naturally Theresa May is often on our screens due to the terror attack and this gives her unfair coverage in terms of the general election. The longer the campaign is postponed, he said, the more unfair this disparity will be.

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