Electronics ban: 'UK will ban flights from these airports completely if they don't comply'

Electronics ban: 'If airport security doesn't comply, the UK may ban fights altogether', says aviation commentator

The UK has announced an electronic device ban (Stock image)

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Government's new security policy on electronics could lead to a complete ban on flights from certain airports, if they don't comply. 

That's according to aviation commentator Julian Bray, who discussed the controversial measure confirmed by the Government this morning.

The UK has announced a ban on large electronic devices in cabins during flights from Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia.

Broadcaster and journalist Bray told Julia Hartley-Brewer the reason for the ban is that we "can’t trust the security operations at the far distant airports." If security staff are running behind schedule, he says, "they have been known to wave through lots of handheld luggage."

Bray adds that, if airports they don’t comply with this ban, the next stage will be that the UK will "refuse to accept flights from those airports and we won’t allow our flights to land in those airports."

The commentator also suggested he supports the new measure, despite critics suggesting it is draconian.

He told Julia that, if passengers are forced to put a device such as a laptop or tablet in the hold, we “know where it is" and the passenger "cannot manipulate it" to detonate an explosive device.

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