Email scandal will never leave Hillary Clinton, former US congressman tells George Galloway

Email controversy 'will never leave Hillary Clinton' even if she's elected, says former congressman

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A former member of the US Congress has told George Galloway that the email scandal will haunt Hillary Clinton even if she wins next week's election.

However John LeBoutillier also suggested the negative coverage this has brought Clinton will not be enough to swing the election for Trump.

"The shadow will never leave Hillary Clinton," LeBoutillier, who represented New York's 6th District for the Republican party, told George Galloway. "She is ethically challenged. 

"The present issue is: will enough Hillary voters be so disgusted that they don't vote for her, stay home, or even vote for somebody else? 

"There aren't many people who will leave her to vote for Trump - that's not happening - but they might just not vote. 

"Or once they sleep on this and learn more about it, this may be not as big a story as it looks like."

LeBoutillier spoke to George following last week's announcement that the FBI had re-opened the investigation into Clinton's emails, following the discovery of "pertinent" information in a separate case - an investigation into former New York mayor Anthony Wiener. 

The announcement came just 11 days before America votes on its next president.

The Clinton campaign has condemned Comey for "blatant double standards" over the new inquiry.