'Emily Thornberry is a class above Damian Green': Praise for Labour at PMQs

'Emily Thornberry is a class above Damian Green' - Praise for Labour's performance at PMQs

Emily Thornberry stood in for Jeremy Corbyn

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Emily Thornberry has been praised for her performance at PMQs after standing in for Jeremy Corbyn.

She criticised the Tories heavily in the session and said the Labour Party is "quite happy to swap places with them.

"I’m sure there are plenty of other people on the front bench there who’d love to audition as Prime Minister.

“We’ve got a Prime Minister so bereft of ideas she’s started putting suggestion boxes around Parliament."

Damien Green hit back by saying: “The Conservative Party got more seats and more votes and won the election,” The Mirror reported.

The pair also clashed over Brexit policy as Thornberry questioned whether ministers were "making it up as they go along." 

Despite Theresa May not attending PMQs, she has still become the subject of hilarity as it emerged her image has been removed from the homepage on her party's website.

Labour MP Toby Perkins said "she’s gone from being the next Iron Lady to the Lady vanishes,” a joke which brought cheers from fellow Labour MPs.

The feisty exchange certainly good people talking on Twitter, as you can see from the reaction below.

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