Emily Thornberry mocked for saying Labour is a collective of talent

Emily Thornberry says Labour is a collective of talent but the Tories think this is a Presidential election

Emily Thornberry appeared at the debate (Stock image)

Friday, June 2, 2017

Emily Thornberry faced mockery last night when she said the Labour Party is a "collective of talent."

She made the comments during The SunTalks debate alongside the Conservatives' Boris Johnson, UKIP's Patrick O'Flynn and the Liberal Democrats' Vince Cable.

Thornberry claimed: "Jeremy Corbyn has a view about Trident, but we are a party that makes our decision collectively and we have a party that has made its decision in terms of policies at our party conference and we do things together.

"The Tories seem to think this is all about some sort of Presidential election, [but] the Labour Party is a party where we are a collective of talent and Jeremy is the leader and we have a number of people with different jobs."

Although there was some cheering from the audience, there was also a good deal of raucous laughter.

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