Emily Thornberry: Theresa May ‘soldiers on without carrying anyone with her’

Emily Thornberry: Theresa May ‘soldiers on without carrying anyone with her’

Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry has accused Theresa May of 'soldiering on' without the rest of her party.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

The shadow Foreign Secretary has accused the prime minister of “soldiering on” without the support of the rest of her party, after Theresa May told MPs on Tuesday that there was a possibility of extending Article 50 until June.

May added that she did not want to see Article 50 extended, and that it would not “take no-deal off the table”.

Emily Thornberry defended Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, saying he was in charge but does not leader the party alone - suggesting the prime minister as an example of "how badly things go if you try to do it all by yourself".

She told talkRADIO’s Eamonn Holmes: “Jeremy Corbyn is in charge of the Labour party and he’s our leader. Obviously, he doesn’t do it all by himself.



“You can see how badly things go if you try to do it all by yourself if you look at Theresa May who does what she thinks is right and just soldiers on without carrying anyone with her.

“Politics is a team sport you need to bring people with you and persuade people that this is the thing to do, rely on one another.”


'A disastrous Tory Brexit'

Thornberry said MPs had already dismissed no-deal Brexit as “unacceptable”, adding that May was forcing members to vote on deals they had already dismissed.

“The problem is all we’ve been tiring to do is to nudge the government into the right place so that we can look after jobs and the economy but she just doesn’t listen, she’s running down the clock,” she said.

“What she’s done today is to come back with the same vote again, put it before us 17 days before we leave, then have another vote, which we already voted on a few weeks ago saying no-deal was unacceptable.

“She’s not changed the nature of what it is she wants to do, it’s just putting it off.”



Thornberry added that the prime minister was taking the UK towards a “disastrous Tory Brexit”.

“We’ve said if in the end we are being faced… with either a disastrous Tory Brexit which is what we think this is, or no deal, don’t know which of those we’ll end up but neither are good for Britain,” she said.

“We should put that to the people and frankly you should not be able to go forward with that unless you get an endorsement from the people, like the Good Friday Agreement.”