Emily Thornberry: Those with ‘broadest shoulders’ should pay more

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Emily Thornberry has called on those “with the broadest shoulders” to pay more towards public money as she made her case to succeed Jeremy Corbyn in the upcoming Labour leadership race.

The shadow foreign secretary told talkRADIO that more needs to be spent on public services and increasing tax for the wealthy is not about people being “criticised for doing well”.

"People should be aspiring, of course they should.

“But what we do ask is that at a time when we’re not spending enough in the public realm, when we’re not looking after each other enough, when people are dying in corridors in the hospital, we need to spend more money on public services and those with the broadest shoulders should be paying some more,” she told Eamonn Holmes.

She added that leaders need to be using “all our mental agility” to make sure that the biggest companies and “those who are taking the mickey” pay their way.

On the question of taking on the role of leader, the MP for Islington South said she was “probably the most experienced of all of the candidates who are standing”.

“I was elected in 2005 and I’ve done a series of different jobs in shadow roles but it means that I have a breadth of experience and a breadth of understanding of the different things that government does.”

Pushed on whether she identified more with the politics of Tony Blair’s New Labour or those of Jeremy Corbyn’s, Ms Thornberry said she came “from the heart of the Labour party”, adding “I’m a leftie, of course I’m a leftie”.

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