Emma Gibson: Baby born in Tennessee 24 years after she was conceived

Baby born after being frozen as embryo 24-years-ago

Many who use fertility treatment end up with extra embryos

Thursday, December 21, 2017

A baby has just been born in the deep south of America - 24 years after being conceived.

How was this possible, you ask? when Emma Gibson was an embryo she was frozen and donated to a clinic in Tennessee in the early 90s.

The embryo, after nearly a quarter-century of incubation, was eventually given to 25-year-old Tina Gibson this year, and the baby was born on November 25, according to NBC News.

This means the baby was actually conceived around a year and a half before her mother was, which she claimed makes it "all that much more of a miracle."

It is thought that the length of time the embryo was left frozen could be a record.

However Doctor Jeffrey Keenan, who performed the transfer of the embryo, told NBC it's not possible to know for a fact whether the incubation time is actually a record.

This is because fertility clinic records are kept private and there are no databases that record embryo ages officially.

But Keenan claimed the medical library at the National Embryo Donation Center had looked "to see if they could find anything older than that and they could not."

He also explained that the biggest risk to the embryo is the thawing-out, rather than the time it is frozen, and after that the baby faces no more risk than other pregnancies.

The faith-based clinic allows couples who meet its religious requirements to adopt the embryos, which come from couples who produce too many as a result of fertility treatment.

The couples with too many embryos can either store them or facility them to a centre like the National Embryo Donation Center, give them to research centres or have them disposed of.