Emmanuel Macron condemns France's role in the Holocaust

Emmanuel Macron condemns France's role in the Holocaust

The French President spoke of the Vel D'Hiv incident when appearing with Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu at a Holocaust commemoration

Monday, July 17, 2017

Emmanuel Macron has condemned France's role in the Holocaust and those who would seek to deny it. 

Following Adolf Hitler's conquest of the country and the establishment of Vichy France, the government rounded up tens of thousands of Jews and deported them to concentration camps. 

Among the more infamous incidents was the Vel D'Hiv raid in 1942, where French police collaborated with Nazi officers to arrest and deport 13,152 Jewish people. 

Jacques Chirac was the first French leader to acknowledge the role France played in the roundup 50 years after the event happened. 

During a visit by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to mark 75 years since the incident, the French president said France can't hide from its responsibility, even though the atrocities were committed under Nazi occupation.

The speech was met with praise by French Jewish leaders, but Macron was subjected to online abuse online over the comments from anti-Semitic users.