'Emmanuel Macron may beat Marine Le Pen - but he'll struggle to win majority'

French elections: 'Emmanuel Macron will struggle to get majority if he wins election', says Daily Telegraph journalist

The En Marche! leader is through the final round of voting in the elections

Monday, April 24, 2017

A leading journalist has highlighted the main difficulty Emmanual Macron will face in government, even if he overcomes Marine Le Pen. 

The leader of the En Marche! party has advanced to the second and final round of the voting process. 

He will face off against Front National leader Le Pen in a highly-anticipated contest for the presidency. 

Peter Foster, the Europe editor for The Daily Telegraph, told Paul Ross this election marked the first time a candidate from an establishment party hadn't made it to the second round, and suggested Macron will struggle to form a majority, which will raise issues when he's trying to push change through the French Parliament. 

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