Engelbert Humperdinck: 'I call myself Humpty Bumpy Lumpty Dumpy - that's what Dean Martin called me'


Thursday, December 6, 2018

Singer Engelbert Humperdinck reminisced about his friendship with Elvis and revealed his unusual showbiz nickname during an interview with talkRADIO's Cristo Foufas.

The 82-year-old told Cristo that he called himself "Humpty Bumpy Lumpty Dumpy" on stage after being given the nickname by Dean Martin, who he says never referred to him as Engelbert.

The singer also revealed that the biggest thing he learned from his close friend, Elvis, was "humility".

"When I first met him [Elvis] I put my hand out to shake his hand and he just pushed my hand aside and embraced me. That was the beginning of our friendship. That's the kind of guy he is," Humperdinck said.


'I learned a lot from Elvis'

Engelbert Humperdinck attends an interview in central London. Image: Getty

"I learned a lot from him, humility. He never took his image seriously, he always made fun of himself on stage as I do now. I call myself Humpty Bumpy Lumpty Dumpy - that's what Dean Martin used to call me."

He added: "He never had an ounce of conceit on stage, all he had was a great ability to entertain and to make his audiences happy and he never took his image seriously and that's what I loved about him."

Cristo asked the singer - who has just released a new Christmas album - whether he agreed with banning songs such as Fairytale of New York and Baby It's Cold Outside following public concern over certain lyrics.

"If they feel that it's not right then I can't do anything about it,"  Humperdinck said.