England fined £35,000 for Armistice Day poppy display against Scotland

The English FA was fined after Fifa took issue with several poppy displays during the Scotland match

Fifa has handed out fans totalling 80,000 Swiss francs for the poppy displays

Monday, December 19, 2016

The English Football Association has been fined £35,000 for the display of poppies made during the recent international against Scotland.

Fifa imposed a fine of 45,000 Swiss francs for what was described as a political gesture by players and supporters during the World Cup qualifier at Wembley, which took place on Armistice Day.

Fifa took issue with England players wearing armbands carrying the image of a poppy, as well as a number of gestures by staff and supporters. The poppy emblem was carried on a large flag by members of the armed forces before the game and also displayed on the big screens, while t-shirts bearing the image of a poppy were placed on seats for supporters to wear.

World football's governing body had threatened England with punishment if the players and supporters wore poppies, but the gesture went ahead as planned in defiance of the threat.

The Scottish FA has also been fined £15,700 for its own players wearing armbands during the Wembley match. The Welsh FA has been fined the same amount for a similar display during the match against Serbia on November 12, while the Northern Irish FA has received a fine of £11,770 and the Irish FA must pay around £3,900.

Fifa takes a hard line on political gestures, although critics argued that Armistice Day is non-political and is simply an act of remembrance for those who lost their lives during the First World War and other conflicts.