England footballers should wear poppies and take the sanctions, says former sports minister

'Football players should wear poppies and accept the sanctions', says former sports minister

Fifa have said players are not allowed to wear poppies on the pitch

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Football players should wear poppies in the England vs Scotland match, and accept any sanctions given, according to a former minister of sport.

Fifa have ruled that players will not be allowed to wear armbands with poppies on in the match between England and Scotland on Armistice Day. This is due to their rule that political statements are not allowed on the pitch, according to reports.

Former sports minister Richard Caborn told Julia Hartley-Brewer that Fifa are "out of touch from the realities of the world outside football," particularly as they allowed England to wear poppies in a friendly against Spain in 2011 and "we've gone back on that."

Caborn said that "many footballers died on those battlefields as well so it’s heartfelt, and for Fifa to go against that it’s absolutely ludicrous." He hopes that Fifa apologises, however believes if they don't that we should "take the sanctions" and wear poppies.

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