English translation of Paris Metro map which includes stations called 'Auschwitz' and 'Richard the N****r' slammed for racism

English translation of Paris Metro map slammed for being 'overtly racist'

A translated Paris Metro map has been criticised

Friday, October 27, 2017

An English translation of a Paris Metro map has been slammed for having "overtly racist" station names.

Some of the translated station names were non-offensive, such as Couronne being Crown and Bonne Nouvelle being Good News.

However other names were changed in a different way for example Richard Lenoir to Richard the N****r and Villejuif which literally means Jewish Town simply being named Auschwitz.

It first appeared on satirical news website Tagel and was then uploaded to Reddit, but despite this many still thought it had been created by transport chiefs from the RATP.

Transport chiefs in Paris have denied that they were involved in the creation of the map, however it has now been widely shared on social media, according to The Local.

Licra, a group against racism and anti-Semitism, hit out at the map by calling it "overtly racist, anti-Semitic, and xenophobic."


⭕️[THREAD] La LICRA a pris connaissance avec consternation de la carte du réseau de métro et de RER diffusée par le site @TAGELofficiel (1) pic.twitter.com/qhUQJQ89vg

— LICRA (@_LICRA_) October 25, 2017


It also claimed that whoever created the map should be charged by the police, but added that it does not think the RATP created the map.

A YouTuber has now said he is responsible for the map, known as Babor Lelefan, he apologised for “unacceptable behaviour."

Tagel has now removed the map from its site.