Entire German village put up for sale at just £110,000

Entire German village put up for sale at just £110,000

Alwine is to be sold at auction

Thursday, December 7, 2017

An entire village in Germany is to be put up for auction, with a starting price that wouldn't even buy you a house in parts of the UK, at just €125,000 (£110,000).

Alwine is mainly made up of retirement homes and many of them are dilapidated, according to The Local.

The village is to go to auction in Berlin during this weekend and includes every single building, even people's sheds and garages.

Alwine is a part of the town of Uebigau-Wahrenbrueck, however mayor Andreas Claus has said the municipality will not attempt to purchase the village. 

But he claimed the new owner of the village will be invited to the town hall to discuss how the village can be developed "in collaboration with the people, and not against them."

Matthias Knake, from the Karhausen auction house, told AFP this is the first time they have sold a whole village and many people have shown interest in buying it. 

Paul Urbanek, 71, is one of roughly 20 people who live in the village. He told AFP "we have been chucked into cold water."

The Hitler Youth used to take part in training near Alwine during the World War Two and when the Berlin wall was created it was then a part of Germany's communist East.

The property in the village was owned by a coal briquette plant in which many of the residents worked until reunification in 1990. In 1991 the plant closed and many moved away as they had lost their jobs.