Environmental activists occupy Department for Energy in call for 'rebellion' against the government

Environmental activists occupy Department for Energy over fracking

Extinction Rebellion protesters vandalising the doors of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. Image: Extinction Rebellion/twitter

Monday, November 12, 2018

A group of environmental activists have occupied the government building for the Department Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, in a protest against fracking.

The activists from Extinction Rebellion, a group which believes the earth is facing a unprecedented global emergency, have blocked two entrances to the Westminster building.

The protesters have vandalised the doors and windows of the building with graffiti in the shape of their logo.

Some activists have glued their hands to the doors in attempts to stop police from moving the protesters.


'Climate injustice' 

The same group blocked roads in Parliament Square, London at end of October declaring the beginning of their "rebellion" against the Government. 

A short ceremony was also held in remembrance of animals that have become extinct in the UK, as well as an open mic session for attendees to sing rallying songs.

The group also protested at a fracking site in Lancashire, after it was given the go-ahead in October.

The site was the first in the UK since fracking was linked with earthquakes in 2011.

Becky Daniels, a protestor from the Preston New Road fracking protest site said: “The time to take action against climate injustice is now.

"The political system is failing us from local councils to central government. Democracy no longer exists, as seen with England's 'dash for gas' and the systematic criminalization of peaceful protest.”

The group is building up to a “Rebellion Day” this Saturday, a day of nonviolent protest against the UK Government for its lack of action on climate change.

Thousands are expected to protest, with road and bridge blockages planned in London.