Environmental activists pour buckets of 'blood' outside Downing Street


Saturday, March 9, 2019

Hundreds of environmental activists have poured buckets of fake blood outside Downing Street in protest at the government's approach to climate change.

Around 400 people from the campaign group Extinction Rebellion took part in the protest, with the 'blood' - made from corn starch and beetroot - coating the road outside the security gates.

Protesters prepare to pour their buckets of 'blood' on the road outside of Downing Street

The fake blood symbolised "the death of our children" as a result of climate change, protesters said, unless "emergency action" is taken by the government.

Two separate groups approached the famous street from either side during the protest, with an increased police presence in the area in anticipation of the demonstration.

A moment of silence is taken after the fake blood is poured

A line of police also assembled in front of the Downing Street gates, after reports that protesters could throw the fake blood on to them.

The protest was just one of many Extinction Rebellion have carried out in recent months, including blocking five major London bridges in November last year, which brought traffic to a standstill.

Police line up outside Downing Street

Speaking in front of the pool of fake blood, a 10-year-old campaigner named Hector, said: "Many animals will go extinct if we do not act now.

"We have invested all our support in the government. But in our time of need, they have deserted us. We need the press and the government to tell the truth.”

An empty bucket featuring the Extinction Rebellion logo

Another campaigner, 16-year-old Hattie, added: “The government is ignoring climate change while they profit from fossil fuels. They’re acting like children, so we’re going to act like adults and act."

One protester called Larch, told talkRADIO that the group plan to block the port of Dover in the coming weeks in another attempt to get the the government to meet the campaign group's three demands; to "tell the truth", "reduce carbon emissions" and create a national "citizens' assembly".