Environmental campaigners declare 'rebellion' against the government at London protest

Climate change protesters

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Hundreds of environmental campaigners descended on London today to declare a "rebellion" against the government.

Protesters occupied a major road in the ctiy's Parliament Square area for two hours to highlight the government's "criminal inaction" in the face of a "climate emergency".

A short ceremony was also held in remembrance of animals that have become extinct in the UK, as well as an open mic session for attendees to sing rallying songs to the crowds.

Campaigners lie in the road around Parliament Square, London. Image: Samantha King

The protest was organised by campaign group Extinction Rebellion in response to a new report from the WWF, which revealed that humans have wiped out 60 per cent of mammals, birds, fish and reptiles since 1970.

Attendees at the event included former Green party leader, Caroline Lucas, and Guardian columnist, George Monbiot.

Organisers warned there "could be arrests" at the event, but despite a heavy police presence, no arrests were made.



Twenty-six-year-old science graduate and gardener, Cameron Harris, told talkRADIO he believed the planet had just "30 years" until it becomes "uninhabitable".

"There are converging crises that are very much threatening to destroy the entire human race, or at least cause massive pain and suffering to billions of people round the world," he said.

"Thirty years until it begins, this snowball effect of climate change where there's no going back; an uninhabitable planet."

Protester Jackie. Image: Samantha King

Fellow campaigner, Jackie, who was dressed as a rabbit, travelled down from Cumbria for the protest.

"Well there's fracking obviously in Lancashire, so you know it's close to home. It's going to be close to everybody soon if we don't do something."