Esther McVey MP: Theresa May’s deal is the ‘most dangerous path to go along’

Esther McVey MP: Theresa May’s deal is the ‘most dangerous path to go along’

Monday, January 14, 2019

Former Work and Pensions Secretary Esther McVey has said that that Theresa May’s deal is the “most dangerous” because it will break up the “UK union” between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK.

The MP for Tatton told talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer: “They have not changed the deal so what they are trying to do is do a different set of scare stories.

“We have heard that if you don’t vote for this deal then you will get a no-deal Brexit. They have thought that that will scare some people. They have said to other people that if you don’t vote for this deal then you will not get Brexit.

“But really you have got to look at what you have got. This deal does not give us Brexit.

“This deal will fundamentally break the contract that we have with our supply and confidence partners the DUP because it breaches the protection for the UK union.

“Actually voting for this deal is the most dangerous path to go along because you will actually break up our partners allowing us to govern.”


'Our trump card'

Theresa May's Brexit proposals are set to be voted on on Tuesday after the vote was postponed in December. 

Ms McVey described the £39bn “divorce bill” the UK would give to the EU as part of the Prime Minister’s deal was a negotiating “trump card”.

Within the deal, the UK has agreed to cover contributions staff pensions and commitments to EU programmes for the period up until 2020, estimated to cost £39bn.

 “There is £39bn that the UK will have if we don’t sign up to this bad deal and that £39bn can be spent in the UK to ameliorate any of these problems and support British people and British industry,” she said.

“It is also our trump card. What most people will want is a better deal from the EU.

“Trust me, telling them we won’t be handing over the £39bn will focus the mind to get a better deal.”


'Making people fearful' 

Watch: Esther McVey condemning Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell for "bullying". 

Ms McVey called on Labour’s John McDonnell to apologise after he failed to condemn an activist’s call for Theresa May to “shoot herself” over the Windrush scandal.

She said: “John McDonnell has always linked violence with politics. It seems that is his way of forcing things through. Instead of having ideas of how to win people round, it is about bullying, intimidation and making people fearful.

“That is not the way you run a country. He is reducing how we run a democratic country. It is a disgrace and he should apologise for the many bad things he has been part of.

“These are things that he allows to be said with him standing by. When he does that he gives it credence and that is completely incorrect.”