Esther McVey: October 31 Brexit deadline is ‘cast in stone’

Esther McVey: October 31 Brexit deadline is ‘cast in stone’

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Tory leadership hopeful Esther McVey has said that the new Brexit deadline of October 31 is “cast in stone” as far as she is concerned.

The Conservative MP told talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer: “I know I believe in Brexit and I have said quite clearly that October 31 is the date that we will be out, whether that is with a deal or without.

“That date is now cast in stone as far as I am concerned. I know that I have got to build trust with the public.

“We have got to have confidence in ourselves and our capabilities for the UK.”

Ms McVey said she would not be "renegotiating” the Brexit deal but said the door was “open if the EU wants to come back”.

“If Theresa May could not manage to negotiate anything any better then let’s not waste our time,” she added. “We now have to carry on with our no deal preparations.”

Defending her no deal stance, Ms McVey said: “You can’t please everyone all the time and on a binary choice like this, you cannot please everybody. Theresa May tried that and it does not work.”

Chancellor Philip Hammond has suggested he would consider the option of backing a no-confidence vote against the next Prime Minister to stop them pursuing something "not in Britain's interests".

In a TV interview on Thursday, Mr Hammond said he would not support “a policy of no-deal by choice”, warning that "national interest trumps the party interest".

Ms McVey dismissed the Chancellor’s comments, arguing that a no-confidence vote could “put a Marxit government in power”.

She said: “If people want to do a vote of no-confidence in their own government and then they are doing that knowing that they could put a Marxist government in power – well, shame on them.

“What we should be is delivering the biggest ever democratic vote by the public.”

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