EU Brexit warnings 'like the haka before a rugby game', says Daniel Hannan MEP

EU warnings on clarity are like 'the haka before a rugby game', says Daniel Hannan MEP

The MEP spoke to Julia about the EU's latest warning to the UK on clarity

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

A prominent Leave MEP has said the EU's warning to the UK is like "the haka" before a rugby match.

This comes after the European Union called for Britain to clarify its position on Brexit as the latest round of negotiations continue in Brussels. 

Chief negotiator Michel Barnier said "ambiguity" in the UK stance had to be removed in order to make progress, a claim which was refuted by Brexit Secretary David Davis. 

Daniel Hannan, Conservative MEP and prominent leave campaigner, said this is all posturing and simulated fighting.

He told Julia Hartley-Brewer: "This is almost like the haka before the rugby game. It’s a simulated rage, not a genuine one.

"Both sides want to show domestic audiences they’re hanging tough. 

"The underlying logic is to strike a mutually advantageous deal, and ultimately, that logic will triumph over the posturing and simulated rows we’re seeing at the moment."

Listen above.