EU 'gangsters and bullyboys' will never be satisfied, warns Nigel Farage

EU “gangsters and bullyboys” will never be satisfied, warns Nigel Farage

Thursday, September 20, 2018

EU “gangsters and bullyboys” will never be satisfied, Nigel Farage has said, instead urging Theresa May to pursue “a simple free trade deal”.

His Leave Means Leave battle bus took a tour of central London.

Speaking just after the summit finished, he said: "I'm afraid Mrs May is in a real pickle.

"It doesn't matter what concessions you make to these gangsters, they will always come back for more.

"Maybe this is a big opportunity to chuck Chequers and go back to them with a very simple trade deal, and say 'you have got two months to sign up to this'."

Mr Farage said the Northern Irish border would be "no problem at all" with a free trade deal, adding different currencies and tax regimes were already tricky.

He said: "It's very problematic today, right now.

"Very problematic - but, do you know what, we manage.

"If we didn't have a free trade deal, there would be one more factor in what's already a very complicated situation.

"If we have a proper free trade deal, there will not be a problem at all."


‘We don’t need to persuade anyone’

Mr Farage said he was taking the battle bus on a UK tour to remind politicians "the people have made their decision".

He said: "We're reinvigorating the referendum campaign.

“We don't need to persuade anyone.

"All we need to do is say to our politicians 'keep your promises'."

He added: "There is no growing appetite for a second referendum or for more delays.

"We voted to leave in a referendum. We confirmed it in a general election.

"How many votes do you want? It's ludicrous."