EU may have collapsed by time Brexit negotiations start, suggests Guido Fawkes editor

Angela Merkel and Donald Tusk's 'saber-rattling' only adds to EU uncertainty, says news editor

Angela Merkel and Donald Tusk

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A leading news editor has suggested the EU may have collapsed by the time Britain is ready to open Brexit negotiations.

Guido Fawkes editor Alex Wickham also accused Angela Merkel and Donald Tusk of "sabre-rattling" over the rights of EU citizens currently living in the UK, suggesting this stance is hurting the EU migrants.

It has emerged that German Chancellor Merkel rebuffed Theresa May's request for negotiations to resolve the current uncertainty over the rights of EU citizens in the UK. Tusk, the President of the European Council, has blamed this uncertainty on the British voters who sided with Brexit in June's referendum.

Wickham said "[Theresa May's] taken a bit of a kicking over this over the last few months. Now, it turns out that she’s been trying to negotiate this behind the scenes. Now it’s emerged she wasn’t the one blocking it, it was Angela Merkel and Donald Tusk all along.

“This story is a microcosm for the whole negotiations. It’s very useful for them to do a bit of sabre-rattling, even if the consequence of this is the uncertainty of EU citizens in the UK.

“It makes you wonder if there’ll be an EU left by the time we get to the negotiations. The tide is rising across Europe. At the end of the day, those Governments across those countries will have to face up to their own electorate.”

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