EU, UK to discuss laptop ban extension - spokeswoman

The ban covers any device larger than a mobile phone

The ban already covers flights from Turkey as well as several countries in the Middle East and North Africa

Friday, May 12, 2017

The European Union is to hold talks with the US on extending the so-called laptop ban, a spokeswoman has confirmed.

The EU said the talks will take place today (Friday May 12) and have not been prompted by a specific threat.

Earlier in the week it was widely reported that the US was considering extending the ban to flights from the UK and EU.

The ban already applies to flights from Turkey and some countries in the Middle East and North Africa. Under the regulations large electronic devices, such as laptops and tablets, cannot be carried in hand luggage.

A statement from the Transportation Security Administration said earlier this week: “We have not made any decisions on expanding the electronics ban.

“However, we are continuously assessing security directives based on intelligence and will make changes when necessary to keep travelers safe.”