EU were 'spoilt' with Theresa May as Prime Minister

Mrs May left Downing Street on Wednesday

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Andrew Bridgen says he is confident that Britain's new Prime Minister will secure a better Brexit deal than his predecessor.

The Conservative MP said the EU had been "spoilt" with Theresa May in the negotiating chair.

"I am not at all surprised the EU are stonewalling at the moment and saying there will be no renegotiations," he told talkRADIO's Mike Graham.

"They have been spoilt with Theresa May. She never, ever threatened to leave without a deal. They never believed that we would leave without a deal. That's why the deal was so lousy."

He said Boris Johnson would "look them in the eye" and demand a better deal, or follow through with a no deal exit on October 31.

"We have now got a Prime Minister who means business. He's going to look them in the eye and tell them we are leaving with or without a deal. We want to leave with a deal, so make us some concessions, make us some offers."

After Mr Johnson's appointment, European Council president Donald Tusk wrote a letter congratulating him.

Within it, he wrote: "I look forward to meeting you to discuss - in detail - our cooperation."

Mr Bridgen continued: "The problem is for the EU, is that they know if they give us a reasonable exit deal, the club is so good that everyone else will leave."

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