EU will not shift for Boris on Brexit

Greg Hands doubts Boris can get a new Brexit deal

Monday, June 17, 2019

Chelsea and Fulham's Tory MP has said it is hard to imagine that Boris Johnson can convince the EU to shift its position on Brexit.

Greg Hands, who is backing Jeremy Hunt to be the party's new leader, told talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer added that Mr Johnson's reputation could work against him should he become Prime Minister.

“I know a lot of European politicians and it’s hard to imagine them shifting for Boris Johnson when they wouldn’t do so for Theresa May because of what Boris represents to a lot of the European leaders.

“I think that [Jeremy Hunt] will be the most likely to get a change of approach at Brussels. We do need a change of approach in Brussels if we want to avoid a no-deal Brexit and if we want to avoid no Brexit at all.”

Mr Hunt came second in the first round of voting in the leadership contest with 43 votes, far behind Boris Johnson who secured 114 votes.

Mr Hands predicted Mr Hunt will make it to the final round and will be favourite with Conservative Party members who have the final say on who becomes leader.

“There’s 16 regional hustings, I don’t think Boris will be able to duck those, and I think Jeremy Hunt will shine through in the regional hustings and win,” he said.

He said Mr Hunt would likely re-open negotiations with Brussells rather than attempt to force Theresa May's Brexit deal through Parliament for the fourth time.

“His position is to get a different agreement, and to take that to the House of Commons, and try to get majority support,” he said.

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