Europe reacts to Brexit High Court verdict: 'Britain finally realises the mistake made by its pensioners'

International reactions to the High Court's Brexit decision

Brexit reactions after the High Court ruling

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Today, the High Court ruled that Theresa May couldn't activate Article 50 without approval from Parliament. 

But it seems that some of the UK international neighbours aren't too happy with this latest Brexit developement. 

The comments sections on French newspapers Le Figaro, Le Monde, and other newspapers have received numerous comments from people who appear to be fed up with the British.

Translation: "The way things are going, can we legitimately ask if there will be a Brexit? The gentry have realised the enormity of the mistake made by Britain's toothless people and pensioners!"

Clearly this commentator holds our more mature citizens responsible for the referendum result in June.


Translation: "In law, we call this a delaying tactic. The English ... they broke our feet inside Europe, and now they break our feet outside. Bye bye English friends, and don't hesitate to send us pretty postcards of the Queen, tea and scones ...That, we love."

Saucer of milk for this particular poster.


Translation: "The English have so many advantages! They don't participate in the financing of Europe and want to keep the trading facilities for as long as possible!"

Well that's about the size of it, yeah. Are you saying we can't have that deal? Well we'll show you, we'll go off and vote for Brex.... oh, right.


The Germans have taken a more reserved approach, but it's no less vitriolic. 

Translation: "I thought that they would wriggle out of this farce anyway."

Wow these German commentators don't mess about, do they?


Translation: "Have they really come to such an absurd comment? Representative democracy (Parliamentary Democracy) is therefore not a democracy, only direct democracy is, through referendums.

In GB there is:

1: No written constitution

2. No Referenda laws in the unwritten constitution

3 All the power comes from Parliament.

And GB is the oldest democracy in the world? This shows how little they understand of democracy."

We're guessing this respondent would be quite happy to see Britain leave the EU.



Translation: "And what is the significance of this, please? They now know that they've have been lied to during the campaign ahead of the referendum, and they know what can happen to them. GB should leave the EU."

While these comments on various mainstream news websites within two EU member-states are only a small samples, they suggest that our closest (and most powerful) neighbours are steadily running out of patience with the British - and want some kind of resolution, one way or the other.