Europe terror crisis: This is war now, says former Labour MP

'Government needs to take a stronger community line on terrorism', says former Labour MP

Dr Eric Moonman spoke to Richard Madeley about the Government's plan to combat terrorism

Monday, August 21, 2017

A leading professor specialising in terrorism research has said the Government needs to take a stronger community line on terrorism, likening Europe's current terror crisis to a war.

Last week Europe was rocked by a series of attacks in Barcelona and Finland, the latest in a spate of atrocities across the continent.

Dr Eric Moonman, a former Labour MP for Basildon and a contributor to the Centre for Contemporary Studies, told Richard Madeley the Government needed to step up its efforts. 

He said: "What I think is happening [is that] the people planning these attacks have a linkage throughout the world which is not properly understood.

"Our government has been very active in preventive measures, but hasn’t quite understood the scale in which these people are coming over.

"Certainly from the government point of view, we need to take a stronger line to say to our community 'this has the very elements of a war.'

"War is not going to be occurring in the way we’ve known in the past. There’s a softening up and the way certain people come forward do them harm and damage."

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