European Parliament claims Marine Le Pen's 'fake jobs' scandal cost €5 million

European Parliament claims Marine Le Pen's 'fake jobs' scandal cost '€5 million'

The Front National is under investigation for expenses relating to parliamentary aides

Thursday, April 27, 2017

The European Parliament has claimed a scandal involving Marine Le Pen has cost them up to "€5 million" (more than £4.22m). 

The Brussels body believes the Front National leader used funds allocated to parliamentary assistants to pay her own personal assistant, Catherine Griset, and her bodyguard for work completed in France.

These people had allegedly presented themselves as parliamentary aides. 

For a party to receive money from the EU to employ parliamentary aides, those aides must be resident in Brussels or Strasbourg - which did not apply to either Griset or her bodyguard. 

Investigators on the case raided FN party headquarters last month to discover if it had used European money to pay for 20 further assistants doing work across France.

Griset was questioned about the expenses, before being charged with concealment. 

Le Pen will face off against Emmanuel Macron in May in the second and final round of the French election.