EU's Brexit divorce claim is simply blackmail, says MP Gerald Howarth

Brexit: 'The European Union is blackmailing the UK by saying we owe them money', says MP Gerald Howarth

Gerald Howarth believes the EU is blackmailing the UK

Friday, March 31, 2017

The European Union is trying to drag the Brexit process out and it is blackmailing us by saying Britain owes them money, according to Sir Gerald Howarth.

EU laws are set to be transferred into UK law as the country prepares for Brexit. The Great Repeal Bill, according to Brexit Secretary David Davis, will allow the UK to amend, improve or scrap laws.

The MP for Aldershot told Carole Malone that the European Union is trying to "drag the [Brexit] process out," hoping that the UK will get a new Government or have a second referendum.

He added that the idea "we’re blackmailing our EU partners over security is just ridiculous."

If anything, he said, it's the EU who are trying to "blackmail us by saying pay us €60 billion." The UK, he believes, "doesn’t owe them anything."

Howarth also believes "real negotiations aren’t going to start in earnest until after the German elections are out of the way" as France and Germany are "paranoid about the possibility of pro-independence parties" gaining support if they give Britain a good deal.

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