Even Donald Trump supporters are surprised at refugee crackdown, says protest leader

Donald Trump: 'Even his supporters are surprised at his move,' says protester

Donald Trump signing the executive orders which have caused chaos and uproar at the airports

Monday, January 30, 2017

An organiser of some of the protests which have erupted across America has said that even some of the people within Donald Trump's base of supporters are surprised at his moves. 

Last Friday, the President signed an executive order which has suspended the US refugee programme for 120 days, blocked immigration from seven countries in the Middle-East for 90 days, and has indefinitely banned Syrian refugees from entering the country.

It has caused uproar across America, with major protests taking place at key airport hubs, like John F. Kennedy Airport, which services New York City. 

The White House has defended the policy, and a federal court in New York has issued an order which has barred the deportation of all refugees already present in the country.

Steven Orozco, a student at Texas Southern University who co-founded the Truth 2 Power protest, explained in an interview with Paul Ross the challenges of building "resistance" to Trump's order and administration. 

He said: "This is the part that requires the masses to participate, to form a resistance against the Trump regime that we're experiencing now.

"There are a large group of people who are surprised - even within the Trump supporters - with some of the moves he's made. We're looking at a bare and exposed US Government in terms of its corruption. 

"The truth is, when you have someone with no political experience able to take advantage of what the Republican Party in particular have done to erode electoral support, we try to reverse that by making sure the popular uprising against Trump is just as swift and with greater numbers.

"We're getting ready for this resistance for the next two to four years, and it'll be a hard task."