Even Jeremy Corbyn's hardcore support are fed up with him, says commentator John Rentoul

'Theresa May doesn't want to take unnecessary risks about Brexit', says commentator John Rentoul

John Rentoul spoke to James Whale about the Prime Minister's decision to hold an election

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A leading political commentator has said even Jeremy Corbyn's most loyal supporters are losing patience with him and there is no chance of him winning the general election.

John Rentoul also suggested that, while a number of Labour MPs have quit the party, many are hanging on and waiting for the chance to remove him after the election.

Many have suggested Theresa May's decision to call a snap election is based on her desire to crush Mr Corbyn, but Rentoul told James Whale it's more likely due to fears over Brexit. 

He claimed she didn't want to take any "unnecessary risks", and while it would have been tempting to take Labour to "the cleaners", the last thing the Prime Minister would have wanted is a disastrous Brexit deal shortly before the scheduled 2020 election.

Listen above. 

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