'Everybody who voted Brexit wants a points-based immigration system', says Nigel Farage

'Everybody who voted for Brexit, voted effectively for controlling our borders [through] a sensible points based system', says Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage calls for a points-based immigration system

Monday, September 5, 2016

Nigel Farage has called for a points-based immigration system for Britain, despite Theresa May suggesting the idea is not on the table.

When travelling to the G20 summit in China, May expressed doubt about whether points-based systems work, adding there was no "silver bullet" to help achieve net migration targets.

Farage, one of the architects of Britain's Brexit vote in June, told talkRADIO "Theresa May's record of immigration is dreadful.

"You can use a points system to increase immigration or decrease immigration, but crucially you have control.

"Everybody who voted for Brexit voted effectively for controlling our borders [through] a sensible points-based system," he added.

"[Mrs May is] clearly gearing up for a deal with the European Union where they get preferential treatment. We voted to leave political unions, the EU, and to rejoin the big world, and I think we should treat people who want to come to Britain equally, regardless of where they come from."

Moving on to the government's Brexit talks, Farage said: "I think David Davis [who is expected to reveal the government's Brexit plan] will be very positive today, I am confident David Davis does not want to see backsliding, the difficulty he may have is his own cabinet, his own party, and Parliament itself."

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