'Everyone’s got a role to play in tackling the social mobility problem'

'Everyone’s got a role to play in tackling the social mobility problem', says Social Mobility Commission

More housing would make a big difference, David Johnston says

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Everyone has a role to play in tacking social inequality - but the problem can be resolved with a dedicated, co-ordinated response.

That's according to the Social Mobility Commission, which has warned that many families on low incomes are being held back by a deep social mobility problem. The report mentions an unfair education system, regionally imbalanced economy, unaffordable housing and a two-tier labour market.

Social Mobility commissioner David Johnston told Sam Delaney: "Everyone’s got a role to play here and it won’t happen quickly, but we think with concerted effort progress will be made.

"Housing would definitely make a big difference...we want a new package of support for parents. You need employers to take down some of the barriers they're putting up through things like unpaid internships."

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