Extinction Rebellion protest at Australian Embassy over bushfires

Friday, January 10, 2020

Extinction Rebellion has staged a protest outside the Australian Embassy in London to draw attention to the “betrayal” of the Australian government in “failing” to protect its citizens from bushfires.

It is after an unprecedented fire crisis across the country that has claimed at least 26 lives and destroyed more than 2,000 homes since September.

Hundreds of millions of animals have been killed and around 12 million acres of land are said to have burnt or be currently burning.

One demonstrator criticised the Australian prime minister Scott Morrison for “fobbing off” fire chiefs who warned of the danger.

Dan, who is from Brisbane but lives in the UK said he was "feeling quite powerless and disconnected" from the crisis.

But he added: “Scotty loves a quiet Australian and we refuse to be quiet Australians.”

Mr Morrison said this morning that the Australian military is on standby to help fire fighters and emergency services as thousands evacuated their homes in New South Wales amid new warnings of rising temperatures and wind speeds.

Protesters brandishing banners emblazoned with “Koalas not coal” and “Denial kills” blocked roads along the Strand while others joined in the action across the world.

The demands of the climate activism group include providing “genuine relief” for those affected, an “immediate transition away from fossil fuels” and a “job guarantee” for workers in fossil fuel industries.

Anne Moore, an NHS respiratory doctor, said that Australian emergency departments are “overwhelmed with people” since for many “there is nowhere else to go”.

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