Extinction Rebellion to vote on Heathrow drone shutdown

Extinction Rebellion closed parts of London in April

Friday, July 5, 2019

Extinction Rebellion will carry out “day after day” of protests later this year if an internal vote to disrupt Heathrow Airport using drones is successful.

Under the proposal to be discussed next week, small drones would be flown at head height inside the airport’s three mile no drone zone.

However, protesters would stay away from the site's actual flightpath.

Extinction Rebellion said those who fly the drones would end their shift by calling police to request detention.

The climate activists said they have adjusted their original plans to shut down Heathrow, and seek to minimise disruption to travellers.

They were originally set to stage a more disruptive protest on June 18, until their plans were revealed by talkRADIO.

Heathrow Airport said anyone caught using a drone in the no-fly zone can expect to be dealt with “in line with the law”.

“The act of flying drones within 5km of an airfield is illegal because it carries risk,” it said.

“We will be working closely with the Met Police and other authorities to manage and mitigate the impacts if this activity goes ahead.”

Security expert Will Geddes told talkRADIO’s Mike Graham that Extinction Rebellion shares some tactics with “terrorists”.

“There are other groups out there that have weird and wonderful agendas that try to impose their will and sometimes we call them terrorists,” he said.

“I’m not necessarily saying Extinction Rebellion are those but let’s look at some of the tactics they’re employing.”

He also warned unless a drone is flown by a licensed operator, there is a risk it could “just shoot out of your control and fly off into their air”.

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