'Extra-curricular activities for children are not a privilege they are a right', says Steve Coogan

'Extra curricular activities for children are not a privilege they are a right', says Steve Coogan

Steve Coogan is backing the Save Our Schools campaign

Friday, November 17, 2017

Comedian Steve Coogan is calling for more funding for schools as he says children have a right to extra-curricular activities and they are not a privilege, but a right to which all children are entitled.

Last night (November 16) projections were put on to London's Science Museum in a demonstration by the Save Our Schools campaign group calling on the Government to increase funding for schools, ahead of the autumn budget which will be announced next week.

The comedian and actor, best-known for his portrayal of hapless TV presenter Alan Partridge, is backing the campaign and told Jon Holmes "what the Government are doing is cutting all the things they regard as extra-curricular activities" such as arts, theatre, sports, languages and trips to museums.

"All these subjects that go to making a pupil a rounded individual. It's something that really children have a right to. It’s not a privilege.

"People pay taxes, so they should be spent on the things that are fundamental of the future of the country.

"These subjects, these activities are things that enable students to become contributors to society. It is investing in the future."

Coogan, who has also starred in series such as The Trip and The Day Today as well as a series of films, added that some "people who do have the high-enough profile to try and put pressure on the Government, they themselves send their children to private schools so of course they might be open to the accusation of double standards."

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