The FA is 'monumentally useless', says David Mellor as sex abuse scandal begins

The FA is 'monumentally useless', says David Mellor as the organisation opens investigation into the growing child sex abuse scandal

David Mellor

Monday, November 28, 2016

Former health minister David Mellor has blasted the Football Association over the growing child sex abuse football scandal, calling the governing body "monumentally useless."

As many as seven professional football clubs are now embroiled in the scandal, after more than 20 former players came forward with abuse claims. Several police forces, such as Cheshire Police and Northumbria Police, have confirmed they are investigating the claims. 

In response to the building crisis, English football's governing body has appointed Kate Gallafent QC to assist its review into historical child sex abuse allegations. 

Despite this, Mellor - the former MP for Putney who presenter the popular 606 football phone-in show in the 1990s - lambasted the organsation and called for Karen Bradley, the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, to launch her own inquiry into the allegations. 

"The FA never does enough, and they've not done enough this time," he told Paul Ross. "The FA have to reassure parents their kids will be safe - that means holding clubs to account, making sure what they do with kids is transparent, making sure they vet all the coaches so parents know their kids are safe.

"I think the FA is already lining up their excuse for inactivity, in saying they mustn't interfere with police investigations - an excuse for doing nothing.

"What Karen Bradley needs to do is satisfy herself that the FA is going to do a root and branch investigation into the football league clubs to ensure their setup is clean. If the FA won't do that, she should insist or mount her own properly-resourced investigation. 

"We have no guarantee that any report worth reading will ever be produced, which is why we need a hard-nosed investigator. Football has got to prove it is worthy of the trust of parents who allow keen and enthusiastic kids to go and train.

"We need reassurance about this, and we won't get it from the FA."