Facebook apologises for removing St George’s Day images

The posts allegedly breached Facebook's community standards

Monday, April 27, 2020

Facebook has apologised after it removed pictures celebrating St George’s Day which allegedly breached its community standards.

Users who posted the images received messages claiming they had fallen foul of the site’s rules on “dangerous individuals and organisations.”

Gary Blackledge from Wigan, whose picture of St George’s cross with the words Proud to be English was removed, told talkRADIO: “According to Facebook, to post the English flag is now classed as a far-right action!

“Myself and many people I know have nothing to do with any political party etc and share this simply because it’s our national day…This is totally disgusting.”

Others users asked: “Why are we the only nation not allowed to show national pride” and: “I had a harmless non-inflammatory St George’s Day post removed by Facebook....look at this b*******, since when has the English flag supported terrorists or hate crime.”

Facebook apologised for “any upset caused” and restored the posts. Users whose accounts were restricted had their privileges resorted. 

A spokesperson told talkRADIO: “Our team reviews millions of pages, posts and images each week and we occasionally make a mistake, as has likely happened here.”

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