Facebook appoints UK charity to to help fact-check online content


Friday, January 11, 2019

Social media giant Facebook has appointed a UK-based fact-checking charity to review pictures, video and news articles to check if they're genuine.

Full Fact, which was founded in 2010, will review content posted to the platform and rate it based on accuracy, with content found to be false marked as such to users.

False content will appear lower in Facebook's News Feed, but will not be deleted or prevented from being read, watched or shared.



The charity will focus on content it perceives to be the most damaging, such as false stories around terror attacks, election hoaxes and fake medical information.

Facebook's fact-checking initiative has been running since December 2016, following concerns raised about hoaxes and propaganda spread around the election of Donald Trump.

The social network now works with fact-checkers in over 20 countries.

Full Fact will be publishing all its fact-checks on its website, as well as quarterly reports reviewing its relationship with Facebook.

Director of Full Fact, Will Moy, said: "The first concern is to protect free speech and people's ability to say what they want.

"It is harder and harder to know what to trust."