'Facebook has lost the plot' on child pornography, says UK Council on Child Internet Safety

Child pornography: 'Facebook has lost the plot, websites need independent supervision', says UK Council on Child Internet Safety

Facebook has been criticised for handling reports of indecent images

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Facebook has lost the plot and websites need independent supervision to ensure child pornography is not shared, says the UK Council on Child Internet Safety.

Damian Collins, chair of Parliament's media committee, has criticised Facebook for the handling of reports about sexualised child images on the social network, after the BBC said it reported several photos to Facebook and more than 80% were not removed. 

John Carr, a member of the council's executive board, told Julia Hartley-Brewer what he finds most surprising is "that Facebook should be providing facilities for people" to share these images as "that’s utterly beyond the pale, which shows in some ways Facebook has lost the plot."

He said Facebook's policy is that convicted paedophiles cannot join the site, but they have "no mechanism whatsoever for tackling who these paedophiles are".

Carr believes that ultimately the problem is that "we’re asking simply to trust these big companies to do the right thing," but "because it won’t make them any money, it will slip down their priority list."

What we need, he says, is "independent supervision."

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