'Facebook story will just lead to more government regulation', says RT director

'Facebook is trying to draw lines which can't be drawn without context', says Open Rights Group

Internal Facebook rules have been revealed (Stock image)

Monday, May 22, 2017

The UK head of broadcaster Russia Today has said today's reports about Facebook censorship will only lead to further control by the government.

The Guardian has revealed Facebook's internal rulebook on censoring, including information about issues such as hate speech, terrorism and pornography.

Nikolay Bogachikhin pointed out to Sam Delaney that RT is regulated by Ofcom, and the authorities will be "trying to do more and more to somehow influence Facebook."

​However, he believes media should not be regulated at all, in fact should regulate itself - as it does in the United States.

Meanwhile Jim Killock, of campaign group Open Rights, told Sam that Facebook's rules are strange because it is trying to draw lines that can't be drawn, as offensive posts are about context.

He believes the size of the Facebook network is too big for it to handle, which is why staff are having to make decisions too quickly on what to remove. 

Killock thinks it can't be regulated like other media, because people posting to Facebook aren't employed by the website, so it doesn't have big consequences for them if they do something wrong.

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