Faiz Siddiqui: Man who sued Oxford University after 'only' getting 2:1 loses High Court battle

High Court rules against graduate suing Oxford University over 2:1 degree result

Oxford University denied its teaching was inadequate

Thursday, February 8, 2018

The High Court has dismissed the claim of a graduate who wanted to sue Oxford University over not receiving a first in his degree.

Faiz Siddiqui demanded £1 million from the prestigious university, suggesting the reason he was awarded a 2:1 was because of "inadequate teaching" which meant he got a low mark on a history exam in 2000. He also claimed he had informed lecturers about "insomnia, depression and anxiety" during the exam period but the exam board were not informed.

Siddiqui said that his failure to secure a first meant he was not accepted to study at a respected law college in America, and this had negative repercussions for his career and led to his becoming depressed.

The claimant asked for £1 million from Oxford University, however Justice Foskett dismissed the claim, ruling that the teaching was not "negligently inadequate."

Foskett did agree that Siddiqui suffers from serious depression, however said this couldn't be linked to the result of his degree, and his success in some jobs was about more than just depression.

The judge also said there was no email correspondence to show any medical records had been shared or that the subject was even spoken about.

Oxford University had denied that its teaching was inadequate, but did admit there were fewer staff members teaching in 1999 during the autumn term as some were away on leave.