'Fake Grenfell Tower survivor' thought she was untouchable, court hears

The tower caught fire in mid-June

The tower caught fire in mid-June

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

A woman accused of falsely posing as a Grenfell Tower survivor is a "skilled manipulator" who thought she was "untouchable", a court has been told.

Joyce Msokeri stands accused of making fraudulent claims of support while claiming she survived the fire at the Ladbroke Grove tower block last June.

Prosecutors allege that Msokeri, 47, told the authorities she had lost her husband in the blaze - even though she was single and lived miles away from the site of the disaster.

It is claimed that the defendant posed as a sister to report herself missing to police on June 15, the day after the fire. She then visited the Westway Centre, where relief efforts were being co-ordinated - even though she had allegedly been on the phone to Sky TV complaining to her service just hours earlier.

Msokeri used the disaster to claim designer clothing, food and even a room at the Hilton, jurors have been told.

Prosecutor David Jeremy QC has described the defendant as "a very good actress" who "feigned trauma convincingly. She was 'good' with people.

"She was able to relate to them so that they trusted her and she could manipulate them."

Msokeri was arrested on July 25, over a month after the Grenfell Tower blaze, and stands accused of six counts of fraud.

The trial continues